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Phone Instructions
Phone Commands
While on the phone, all attendees (hosts and guests) can use these commands. Press the STAR key on your phone, then the number.

*0 - Tells the caller what commands they can use.

*2 - Raises or lowers the caller's "hand" in the 'Who's On' page.

*3 - Decreases the caller's microphone volume - in case they are too loud.

*4 - Increases the caller's microphone volume - in case they are too quiet.

*6 - Mutes the caller.

*7 - Unmutes the caller.
Additional Host-Only Phone Controls
99 - "Interactive mode", where all guests can talk -- and they press *6 to mute themselves.

## - "Lecture mode", where all guests are muted -- and they press *2 to raise their hand.

         IMPORTANT: When you are in 'lecture' mode, use the refresh button to see if anyone has their hand raised.

88 - "Q&A mode", where all guests are muted -- and they press *7 to talk.

*# - Tells that host how many people are on the call.
Web Based Conference Control Center
Who's On Tab
This tab shows you who is on the call.


    Click the 'refresh' button to get a current snapshot.


    Click Lecture / Interactive to switch the conference mode.

    Lecture mode means guests are muted, and cannot unmute themselves.

    Interactive mode means guests can talk if they like.


    Click on the mute / unmute icon to switch between muted / unmuted.

    Click on the + or - to raise lower the attendee's microphone volume.


    If you see a "hand raised" unmute that caller to let them speak.

    Click on the raised-hand to lower the hand.


    Click on the 'drop' link to hang up on a caller.

    Click on the 'End Conference' button to hang up on all callers.
Recordings Tab
This tab allows you to make and save recordings

    Click the 'Start Recording' button to start the recording.

    Click the 'Stop Recording' button to stop the recording.

    To avoid recording hours of silence, don't forget to stop the recording!

    Recordings are saved for 30 days... be sure to download important recordings before that time.
Help Tab
If your question is not answered here, get help from one of our customer service representatives. Just click on the 'Help' tab, and submit your question.